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Sonora Gov't announced a filter program at the AZ border to prevent non-essential border crossing

Sonora Governor Claudia Pavlovich announced that beginning the 4th of July weekend, filters to stop border crossing from the US of people with non-essential activities.

A request was made to Marcelo Ebrard, Foreign Minister of Mexico, for support of the Mexican National Institute of Migration (INM) to coordinate with the Sonora State Government to place filters at border crossings.

"There will be filters at the borders, in San Luis Rio Colorado, Nogales and Agua Prieta, at the borders, to warn people that they won't be able to pass, unless they come to something essential. Not only for the visitors of the beaches, but the municipalities of the mountains, we are all going to be on alert at this time, to prevent the Mexican Nationals to coming, Americans, or those who want to come to spend the weekend, and put a greater burden on us on the COVID issue."

The Governor mentioned that the essential activities such as those related to commercial exchange, work activities, medical care and services, buying medication, and security, will still have authorization for border crossing in both directions of the border.

She pointed out that other actions will be the closure of beaches and navigation.

"Is not only the filter at the border, but at the beach, at the municipality where people want to go, if they want to go visit a person in a mountain region in towns of the Sonora River, we already know which places Mexican Nationals living in the US and the Americans normally visit."

Governor Pavlovich detailed that in each of the border filters, officials from the health department, the National Migration Institute, as well as Security officials from the different levels of government will be present.

With information from Gov't of Sonora official website:

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