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IMPORTANT updates regarding the Commerce Steel Import License program

This message contains important updates regarding the Commerce Steel Import License program.

Brokers and importers are reminded that all imports of steel mill products require a steel import license for each entry.  The steel import license number obtained from Commerce for each shipment, as well as the License Type Code, must be reported on the corresponding entry summary or electronic equivalent in ACE.  No exceptions will be made for steel entering while the license system is unavailable between October 10 and October 13, 2020 (see below). Importers, brokers, and other license applicants are advised to plan accordingly and obtain any licenses needed for entry in advance. 

Commerce has published a new rule concerning the steel license, all details are available at:   This rule details new license fields and a new platform for the license application.  As specified in the SIMA Final Rule, starting on October 10, 2020, the existing steel license system will no longer be accessible.  A new, modernized SIMA licensing system will become available online on October 13, 2020, the first update to the licensing system in over ten years.  Please also note that beginning October 13, 2020, the steel import license platform will require applicants to provide information about the country of melt and pour on all standard licenses (from all countries).

For more information, please contact the Commerce Department at:  Should you have questions, please contact the Commerce steel licensing team at:

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